Hannah’s Inspiring Story

Sometimes the littlest words can make all the difference, and have a huge impact without you even knowing it. Growing up, my dad would always say “I’m your biggest fan” because he was always there for me. To this day, he still tells me the same. The inspiration behind the yellow and green is to spread the same sunshine every day to others that he does when saying “I’m your biggest fan.” Throughout my life, the brightness of his enthusiasm taught me that if I put my mind to it, hardwork and determination can make so much possible. He would tell me “do the best job your brain knows how” and it took me a while to understand those words; the symbolism, to me, is that we all have our own abilities and can achieve our own successes, and there is beauty in that.

My dad and my family has always believed in being cheerleaders and fans for those needing a second chance, especially children. This duo benefits Dana Farber Cancer Institute at Boston Children’s Hospital. Dana Farber Cancer Institute at Boston Children’s Hospital is ranked as the Best Children’s Hospital for Children’s Cancer, treating even the rarest and most complex cases.

Dana Farber provides one-of-a-kind expertise in resources and expertise. They provide a wide range of treatments and their survivorship programs are the nation’s models for survivorship care.
The reason I selected Dana Farber Cancer Institute at Boston Children Hospital is that they are giving second chances to children, even after their treatment ends, and giving them hope. Everybody deserves a second chance.

Thank you for your support!