Allie is an AMAZING young lady bravely dealing with an illness. The story we will share here sets the foundation for our collab to raise $$$ for the Make-A-Wish foundation. 
This touching story is written about Allie, by her mother, Jenny 

  There once was a little girl named Allie, when she was just 5 years old she developed a super scary bone marrow failure disease called Aplastic Anemia. The super cliffs notes version is that her own little body was trying to kill her. This sweet girl made of sunshine and smiles who never met a stranger was suddenly very very sick. We started treatment immediately and took it day by day, her outlook remained bright even while her prognosis didn’t. 6 months into treatment Allie’s medical team became more and more concerned as she was not improving, so concerned that when they reached out to the Make-a-Wish foundation on her behalf they urged quick action.


  Make-a-Wish took that urging and ran with it, her wish was organized in just a couple of weeks, Allie being a 5 year old girl very much into Disney princesses she obviously needed to meet them lol. The Make-a-Wish Phoenix team sprang into action and sent my sweet little princess to Walt Disney World to meet her icons and they did it in time for her birthday, what they did was so so much more than just send a kid to Disney, they made her whole little dream come true. They took care of everything you could possibly think of, arranged far more adventures than just the Disney parks and made sure she/we wanted for nothing. They gave her back a spring in her step, they renewed her hope, and to this day, I am still 100% convinced that trip set her on the path to getting better. Almost immediately after her numbers began to improve, it too another couple of years for her to be considered in remission but that time did come.

Allie has never forgotten the impact that trip had on her, she has never forgotten the kindness shown to her by the make a wish staff or the continued events, once you are a make a wish kid, you are a wish kid forever. They do so much more than one off wishes, they are constantly finding new ways to try to bring joy to our kiddos facing the big big scaries. 

 Allie is now nearly 20, unfortunately she developed a different bone marrow failure disease called Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria for her 16th  birthday, literally on the day. The only cure for this one is a bone marrow transplant, that she will have at some point in the meantime she receives treatment via infusions every 6 weeks to keep her going. Allie is an artist and an empathetic little ball of love. The gnome was a character she started to draw modeled after herself as she often likes to burrow into her red hoodie and draw the strings. 
Make a wish

- We have co-created a beautiful MOXIE Nail Varnish with Allie , which they have named ALLIE’S WISH !

- For 6-months, 30% of the net proceeds of the shade will be donated to Make-A-Wish.